Magic Moments

A Poetic Film that Dares to show how People Transform at Festivals.

 The Story Behind the Film

Teddy wrote Magic Moments as a way to show the world the beautiful nuanced moments that can happen at a festival. Festivals are not just for music; they are for sharing experiences with friends, for learning new things, for being silly and fun, and for creating art and connecting deeply.

Press and Effect

This film reached 86k+ one week after it was released thanks to many shares on facebook.

Check out the film trailer.

Equipment Used

Shot on Canon 5Dmkiii’s with various lenses, a glidecam and tripod.

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MAGIC MOMENTS written by Teddy Saunders

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be free?
From your ego, your limits and conformity?
What’s it’s like to escape and put on a cape.
Grab some friends and some gear then drive out to a lake.

Or perhaps to a place with a community.
Where stages hold space among many trees.

A place where you learn, go deep, feel complete.
and dig in the earth with your hands and your feet.

A place you can sip on cold bubbly drinks,
And escape any judgements of what others think.

A place to let loose and be colorfully you.
A place to inspire a person or two.

With your wig and suspenders and oversized shoes.
And your red squeaky nose. Damn dude, you’re the news.

Wait, do you hear that? It’s your favorite song playing.
The song that your friends are so sick of you saying.
But this time it’s different! This time it’s LIVE!
As you’re feet from the artist, right there that’s the guy.
And his sound has these frequencies that speak to you.
As you feel the vibrations, and sing his song too.
This is your moment. Let loose silly goose.
Stomp with your feet and shake your caboose.

Then when you are done, go explore and find more
take a walk and perhaps go on an art tour.
find the people on wires and things that inspire.
Learn some new moves, see what you can prove!

And when you are spent and feeling quite quenched.
Sometimes it is best, to just sit on a bench.
And let others have fun, while you just do you.
It’s okay to be one instead of being two.
You could smile at a stranger, don’t be shy, say hello.
Because if you don’t, then you may never know.
if that person to smile at is your soulmate.
or perhaps a new friend to laugh with until eight.

Sometimes it’s best to get high when you can.
No, not like that. Off of holding one’s hand.
It’s the feeling of love that gets you much higher.
Where your heart is a flutter, and passion’s on fire.

And when that sun sets, it’s a whole other feeling.
When things start to glow like the stars on the ceiling.
As each stage transforms into whole other worlds.
Where at night it’s no longer just boys and just girls.
At night there are wizards, casting spells of light.
Where magic can happen right there in plain sight.

At night things get wild but get sexy too,
As you might discover a new side of you.
A new side of you? But how could that be?
When I think of myself I’ll always be me.
A new side of you can happen with US.
You see WE CHANGE each other, all it takes is some trust.
When you mix friends with magic one can transform.
And you’ll find that your spirit can shift from its norm.

Perhaps this is why we spend time at these places.
Perhaps you should try to yourself to embrace this.
This Magic. These moments. These people to trust.
Because life is too short not to celebrate us.