14 Apr 2016

My First Blog Post about my latest project.

Hi world,

Is like to share the awesome things that I learn in this blog post for you.

Since I just got back from Lucidity Festival, perhaps I’ll start there.

Lucidity approached me to make them a film because “the other guys just edit b-roll together with music and everyone has seen that.”

I agree. Doing that is also a lot of editing, which nobody likes to do.

Instead, perhaps write a script so that nearly everything is A-Roll?

What is A-Roll vs B-Roll? Well A roll is tour main narrator, interviewee or piece of specific content that you planned on shooting. B-Roll is shots that support the story that you are trying to tell.

The Crossroads to Eudimonia

About the Project

Casting Non-Actors and friends on Short Notice

Line Memorization

Bass Music and Traffic Management

Mobility and Scheduling




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