27 Apr 2017

5 Tips for Preventing Corruption on your Data Cards

Lessons in Corrupt Data

Because no disk is flawless

So here I am shooting a wedding in Montana, when I get back to my office in LA and learn that my second data card is corrupt. It simply wont mount. And I’m thinking to myself, well maybe the copper is bent and is not touching the sensor inside my desktop, or my laptop, or my card readers. Wrong. I even go so far as to make a video, thinking that I will be able to magically fix it myself. Wrong.

$1,500 later, I get the data rescued after one company couldn’t get it and had to upgrade the ticket to s more advanced company.

So what did I lean from this?

  1. Include terms for data loss in your client contract. For this job the client and I went 50/50 on the cost, but I got lucky.
  2. Have insurance on your data. I use PPA, which includes a data recovery plan, that I foolishly didn’t know about at the time of when I sent my disk to a company that that aren’t partnered with.
  3. Don’t skimp on Data cards. All of my hard drives in the office are made by G-Technology. And from now on, all of my data cards will be SanDisk. The card that failed was a cheaper one from Kensington.
  4. Shoot RAW and JPEG at the same time. This saved my butt! As it turns out, when I got the data back, a ton of my RAW files looked completely glitches out. Some of these files, were very important wedding moments. Luckily I had JPEG versions of them that were not corrupt and I could touchup and send to the client.
  5. Use multiple cards and not one fat 128GB card. I was super lucky that filled my first data card up completely for the wedding, and that that card was not corrupt.


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