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More than your typical photographer


Just be you. Ted will take care of the rest.

Ted Saunders is an award-winning photographer with a talent for capturing people in their essence.

Having founded Tedshots in 2010, Ted is proud to serve hundreds of clients all over the world, from large corporations such as Salesforce and Linked In, to individuals who simply need an excellent headshot.

Ted is an all-around camera wizard, when not shooting headshot Ted runs a creative media agency called Infinit Studios, where he creates video content for brands and businesses.



More than just a shoot, it's an experience.

The Professional Headshot Package

Perfect for LinkedIn, website bios, press releases and publications.

The Shoot:

  • 30 minute professional shoot + 30 minute touchup session.
  • 150+ photos taken.
  • Tethered capture with immediate results.
  • Skin de-shine makeup provided.

The Edit:

  • Relax and take a seat while Ted selects your top shots.
  • We narrow it down to the best shot.
  • Ted touches up your best shot in front of you. 
    • Nobody in LA offers this!
  • We email you the best shot(s) and link to your online archive.


  • We settle payment and you are good to go.

The Creative Portrait Package

Perfect for Artists, Musicians, Models, Actors and Personalities.

The Shoot:

  • 90-minute shoot + editing.
  • Various lighting setups and looks.
  • 1000+ photos taken.
  • Skin de-shine matte makeup provided.

The Edit:

  • Ted selects your top 50 photo proofs.
  • Together we decide the top 10 shots.
  • Ted touches up your best 10 shots.
  • Ted emails you the best shot(s) and a link to your online archive.


The Thought-Leader Package

Perfect for Coaches, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Influencers.

The Shoot:

  • 4 hours of executive-level shooting.
  • 2000+ photos taken.
  • Various looks, outfits and locations.
  • Includes a dedicated assistant for hair and wardrobe help.

The Edit:

  • You get 100+ usable photos. 
  • +25 final photos touched up. 
  • Permanent online archive of non-watermarked proofs and full res files.
  • Wow your audience with timeless photos.
  • Headshots for your Team

    We offer major discounts for 5+ people.

    Contact Ted for Discounted Group Rates

    Shoot at Your Office:

    • Ted brings his full studio to your office.
    • Remote Edit:
    • Ted emails online proofs same day.
    • Either your team or Ted chooses each person’s best photo.
    • Ted touches up each best shot.
    • Ted emails you the final shots in full resolution.


    • Your entire workforce has professional matching headshots. 

    – or- 

    Shoot at Ted’s Studio:

    • Your employees to show up to our Hollywood Studio.
    • Each person gets full shoot.
    • Photos emailed within hours of the shoot. 
    • Ted touches up all top selected photos within 24-48 hours. 

    Looking for a custom shoot?

    We can tailor any shoot to fit your exact needs.

    Actor portraits, family photos, weddings, aerial photography, events, video, you name it.

    If it can be shot, Ted can take care of it.

    Need a hair and makeup stylist?

    Add a dedicated stylest for the whole shoot. 

    • $249  for Professional Headshot Package.
    • $399  for Creative Portrait Package.
    • $549  for Thought-Leaders Package.
    If you need hair and makeup for your custom group shoot, Talk to Ted to discuss options.



    Consider Ted your digital surgeon

    Before After

    Flawless is our forté

    Ted fixes your impurities, while you still look like you.

    • Remove unnatural elements such as blemishes or fly away hairs.
    • Decrease and remove select wrinkles.
    • Whiten eyes.
    • Whiten teeth.
    • Fix bumps in hair and wardrobe.
    • Fill in missing hair.
    • Remove or decrease scars.
    • Remove glare in glasses. 
    • Color balance and cropping. 

    Price for additional touchups is $75/photo



    Genuine. Professional. Approachable.

    Winnie Ma
    Winnie Ma
    Product Designer
    Read More
    Wonderful experience -- I need a corporate headshot and Teddy went above and beyond in making this work last minute. He is professional and has a great manner to make clients feel at ease. Would wholeheartedly recommend!
    Fereshteh Fattaahi
    Fereshteh Fattaahi
    Corporate Finance
    Read More
    I found Ted thanks to many pleasantly accurate yelp reviews. He was professional, personable, did a great job with the photos, and he provided a speedy turnaround with the photo edits. I am very pleased with the overall experience.
    Romeo Milan
    Romeo Milan
    Sales Manager
    Read More
    Great work here everyone! Ted is extremely friendly and professional at his studio. He guides you through the whole process from prep to post. He provided me a great headshot at a very competitive price. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a headshot for your personal and/or company brand.
    Brett Berns
    Brett Berns
    Real Estate Developer
    Read More
    Ted was great. I found him on yelp and he was able to accommodate my necessity to have the head shots done in a timely manner. He was nice, professional and the photos came out really well. The whole process was quick and efficient and I highly recommend him if you need head shots!
    Viviana Vigil
    Viviana Vigil
    Read More
    Teddy is the photographer you dream of having. Professional, courteous, accommodating and his work is beautiful! I brought my entire team for company website shots. He made the progress smooth and fun! We even brought our pet pig for a headshot! The studio is conveniently located, clean and comfortable. Teddy's work was also quick and efficient- he had our proofs ready the same day as our shoot and final proofs within the same day we made our selections. I would definitely recommend TedShots. I plan to use his services again when needed.
    Omar Ramos
    Omar Ramos
    Financial Advisor
    Read More
    Amazing, funny, caring and very professional. I needed a professional headshot for work and Ted made the magic happen. I'm very shy around the camera and Ted worked very well with me. He was funny, he had amazing suggestions, and even did some magic with the pictures. He is truly amazing. I'm glad I found him via Yelp and I would definitely use his services again. Can't thank him enough for his work.
    Randy Bishop
    Randy Bishop
    Read More
    We have worked with Ted on a couple occasions to take corporate head shots and he will continue to be our "go to" photographer in the area. He is professional, efficient, and made the experience surprisingly enjoyable. Ted accommodated our request for both indoor and outdoor shots and everyone was happy with the results.
    Seth Laderman
    Seth Laderman
    Read More
    As a person who has had a difficult relationship with the camera lens, I approached my wife's idea of getting a professional photo with some trepidation, but Teddy made what could have been an embarrassing ordeal into a great triumph! The pictures he took of both my wife and me were terrific, and we've immediately put them to good use in support of our professional activities. Teddy was extremely friendly, patient, and immediately responsive -- with a quick turnaround and editing process. I highly recommend Teddy, and absolutely would go to him again were I to need additional photos.
    Daman Coffman
    Daman Coffman
    Programming Manager
    Read More
    Excellent photographer. He helped me with a LinkedIn corporate headshot. He'll take a multitude of photos then go over them with you to choose the best one and from there he'll adjust it in Lightroom and email you that photo along with seven or so of your top ones. Easy to work with funny and cool guy.
    Lydia Beckham
    Lydia Beckham
    Data Analyst
    Read More
    I am not an actor or a big corporation, and don't have a big event planned, I just wanted some personal photos. After searching for months I'm so glad I found Teddy. He's just awesome. Whatever you want on film he can do, from a studio portrait to a movie. He was very professional, made me feel comfortable, understood what I wanted, was fast and affordable. I will definitely be using his services again.
    Gerald Cole
    Gerald Cole
    Read More
    Worked with Teddy very recently and he was amazing. Had really great ideas on my look and was very professional yet really chill to work with. Made shooting fun and comfortable. He was too good, now I'm having such a hard time choosing from all the amazing shots we got. I would recommend to anyone and definitely plan on going back anytime I need more shots. Ps. played really great music in the background which made things even more fun and exciting.

    See the Reviews for Yourself:

    Portrait Photographers in Los Angeles

    the studio


    A clean, professional experience.

    Clean Studio

    Our modern studio located in the heart of Hollywood provide top of the line equipment, a clean space and a comfortable lounge vibe.

    Covid Compliant

    We wear masks, take everyone’s temperatures and provide sanitizer. You don’t have to wear your mask during the shoot, but we keep ours on.

    Free Parking

    There is ample parking on our street with no time limit.

    Clean Studio

    Our modern studio located in the heart of Hollywood provides top of the line equipment, a clean space and a comfortable lounge vibe.

    Free Parking

    There is ample parking on the street with no time limit.



    In the heart of Hollywood

    Studio Location:
    1310 N Gardner Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

    Call or Text Ted:
    310 739 9091

    Message Ted:

    If booking a session please note your preferred dates and times. Ted can often fit you in with short notice. 



    Some things to know

    How do I book a shoot?

    Call or email Ted to schedule a time. He will then send you a calendar event and email with all of the information that you need.

    How soon can I book my appointment?

    It’s best to schedule a week or two in advance, but sometimes we can take you as soon as same day.

    What should I do to prep for my shoot?

    Make sure your clothes aren’t dirty or wrinkly, come looking your best, and drink plenty of water the night before and morning of to keep your skin well balanced.

    What if I have no experience being on camera?

    This is actually very common. Ted has many methods to capture the most authentic version of you. He will direct you along the way, so that you get into the moment and out of your head about how you look. It’s actually quite fun and often funny.

    When do I get my proofs and final shots?

    If it’s a quick one-off professional look then the final shot is chosen and touched up before you leave the studio. If it’s a longer shoot or an on-location shoot, then right after the shoot Ted sends you a link of online Proofs. Once you pick your favorite shots from the proofs, touchups are complete usually within 24-48 hours.

    Do you watermark your photos and make me pay to remove your logo?

    No. We don’t keep your photos hostage. Although we recommend you wait for your final touched up, you are free to post any raw proofs online. We only watermark images for clients who have yet to pay.

    Do I need to book hair and makeup?

    This is up to you. If you think you need hair and makeup then we can bring you one of our partner stylists for an additional fee. You can also get your hair and makeup done before your appointment.

    Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes. Of course. We even accept bitcoin.

    Got a question that has not been answered? Ask Ted.