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Award-winning headshots by Ted Saunders


Professional pictures for public profiles




Shot at our Hollywood studio.


• 30-minute shoot + 30 minute in-person photo review & touchup.
• Shot in studio.
• 100+ photos taken.
• 1 photo touched up in person.
• Immediate Turnaround – Walk away with final photo in your inbox!


• 2-3 hour shoot.
• 3 looks.
• 800+ photos taken.
• 3 photos retouched.
• Shot in studio and outdoors.


• 4 hour shoot
• In studio, outside around LA, and potentially in your office.
• 1500+ photos taken.
• 10 Final photos touched up.
• A wide variety of looks and outfits.
• Perfect for entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, CEO’s and influencers.


• 8 hour day of shooting.
• Unlimited looks.
• 25 photos retouched.
• In studio and outdoors in artsy locations in LA (downtown, beach, etc).

Additional Touchups – $50/photo

Add Hair/Makeup stylist to any shoot:
$200 for Professional Package.
$300 for Actor Package.
$500 for Artist and Brand Package.


Ted brings his studio lights to your office or event. 


• Up to 10 people.
• 1 final photo retouched for each person shot.
• Pro studio lighting at your location.


• 10-25 people + Group Photo.
• 1 final photo retouched for each person shot.
• Pro studio lighting at your location.


• 25-50 people.
• 1 final photo retouched for each person shot.
• Pro studio lighting at your location.


• 50+ people.
• Custom Packages available.

DELIVERY: ALL SHOTS are delivered as non-watermarked web-resolution proofs in a permanent online dropbox with your final full quality touched up photos there too.

For events, weddings and custom shoots please email Ted for a quote.

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About Ted

Life through the lens

About Ted

With 20+ years experience in media production, Ted is a director, producer, cinematographer, photographer and editor who creates content that deepens human connection while pushing the limits of creative cinema.

Ted is proud to serve clients all over the world, from large corporations to grassroots non-profits. His clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, Toyota, Verizon, Google, Interscope, Coachella, Harvard University, Kaiser Permanente, and a variety of other brands, startups and influencers. He also worked as a content producer for the TV show Entourage on HBO and the show House M.D. on FOX.

He founded Tedshots in 2010 to help people look their best, but after quickly mastering the art of the headshot, Ted expanded his media expertise and launched Infinit Studios, to help his clients tell amazing stories through video.

Today he runs both his video production and headshot photography company under the one roof of his Hollywood Studio.

The Tedshots Headshot Process

Upon scheduling a shoot with Ted, you will find out upon arrival that you need no previous experience being in front of a camera. Ted is not just a photographer, he is a director who guides you through all of the angles and expressions that you need, while paying very close attention to any flaws that he can find and correct, such as the fitting of your wardrobe, or hair that needs to be re-positioned.

But the process doesn’t nearly stop at the shoot. As a kid, Ted wanted to be a surgeon, and today he lives up to that dream because his skills with post production not only allow him to effortlessly help you choose the best shot, but he will touch up that shot with surgical precision, leaving you looking your absolute best, so you don’t have to worry about your blood shot eyes and under eye-wrinkles from the result of your highly productive life.

Ted's Life Mission
Ted’s purpose is to uplift and connect the world through inspirational storytelling that awakens people to be the limitless force of awesomeness that they were born as.

Ted’s various entrepreneurial endeavors focus on education, collaboration and inspiration towards a more trusting, transparent and truthful “us.” He believes that if we can all be on the same page, then we can write the beautiful script of our destiny. This is why a portion of his income is granted to others via Project Dreambox, an organization Teddy founded to help people reach their life-long goals.



Lets make magic

Studio Address:

1310 N Gardner St
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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How do I book a shoot?

Call or email Ted to schedule a time. He will then send you a calendar event with all of the information that you need.

How soon can I book my appointment?

It’s best to schedule a week or two in advance, but sometimes we can take you as soon as same day.

What should I do to prep for my shoot?

Make sure your clothes aren’t dirty or wrinkly, come looking your best, and drink plenty of water the night before and morning of to keep your skin well balanced.

What if I have no experience being on camera?

This is actually very common. Ted has many tactics to capture the most authentic version of you. He will direct you along the way, so that you get into a flow state and aren’t stuck in your head about how you look. Its actually quite fun and often funny.

When do I get my proofs and final shots?

If it’s a quick one-off professional look then the final shot is chosen and touched up before you leave the office. If it’s a longer shoot or an on-location shoot, then right after the shoot Ted sends you a link of online Proofs. Once you pick your favorite shots from the proofs, touchups are complete usually within 24-48 hours.

Do you watermark your photos and make me pay to remove your logo?

No. We don’t keep your photos hostage. Although we recommend you wait for your final touched up, you are free to post any raw proofs online. We only watermark images for clients who have yet to pay.

Do I need to book hair and makeup?

This is up to you. If you think you need hair and makeup then we can bring you one of our partner stylists for an additional fee. You can also get your hair and makeup done before your appointment.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Of course. We even accept bitcoin.

Any more Questions?

Just Email Ted. 🙂