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People-focused storytelling






Professional pictures for public profiles



Shot at our Hollywood studio.

• 30-minute shoot + 30 minute in person photo review & touchup.
• 1-2 looks shot.
• 100+ photos taken.
• 1 photo retouched in person.
• Shot in studio.

• 2 hour shoot plus 1 hour in-person touchup session.
• 3-4 looks.
• 600+ photos taken.
• 4 photos retouched.
• Shot in studio and outdoors.

• 4 hour shoot.
• 5-7 looks.
• 7 photos retouched.
• Shot in studio and outdoors in special spots around town.
• Great for album covers and artistic shots.

• 8 hour day of shooting.
• 8-12 looks (a large variety of high end stylized looks in exotic locations)
• 12 photos retouched.
• In studio and outdoors in various locations in LA (downtown, beach, etc).

DELIVERY: ALL SHOTS are delivered as non-watermarked web-resolution proofs in a permanent online dropbox with your final full quality touched up photos there too.

*Additional Touchups – $40/photo

*Add Hair/Makeup stylist to any shoot:
$200 for Single & Basic Package.
$350 for Actor Package.
$600 for full day Artist Package.




Ted brings his studio lights and gear to your office or event. 

• Up to 10 people.
• 1 final photo retouched for each person shot.
• Pro studio lighting at your location.

• 10-25 people.
• 1 final photo retouched for each person shot.
• Pro studio lighting at your location.

• 25-50 people.
• 1 final photo retouched for each person shot.
• Pro studio lighting at your location.

• 50+ people.

* Add a group/team photos to any shoot for $50-$250.
** Note: A transportation fee will be added for locations west of Robertson, south of Pico, east of Vermont and north of the 101.

For events, weddings and custom shoots please email Ted for a quote.

About Ted

Life through the lens


With 20+ years experience in media production, Ted is a director, producer, cinematographer, photographer and editor who tells authentic stories that heighten human connection while pushing the limits of creative cinema.

Ted has experience working as a TV and film producer (FOX, NBC & HBO), art director of motion graphic animations, writer and director of branded commercials, consultant for startup brand marketing and UX UI designer for a variety of websites and apps. As an Executive Producer, Ted has a network of trusted talent that he works with to tell beautiful stories.

With a deep understanding of storytelling best-practices, Ted knows what it means to create art that is thought-provoking and novel enough to excite mass audiences. This is why his films average 100k views, with some reaching into the missions of views.

Ted is proud to serve clients all over the world, from large corporations to grassroots non-profits. His clients include Salesforce.com, Toyota, Verizon, Google, Interscope, Coachella, Advance.org, Harvard University, Kaiser Permanente, and many more startups and local brands.

Besides running the Tedshots brand, Ted is Founder and Executive Producer of Infinit Studios, a creative media agency.

Growing up Behind a Camera
Ted Saunders, or “Teddy” as most people call him, started making films at age 7, shooting action movies in the backyard after school.

In every media-related class from middle school through college he was the teachers pet, winning awards for his work, and broadcasting his videos on local television.

After college Teddy moved to LA where he worked for two-time Emmy award winning actor Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold on Entourage), then as the executive assistant to Emmy award winning director and producer Greg Yaitanes on House MD (the #1 drama on TV at the time), where he designed and launched one of the first iPhone apps for a major television drama.

Teddy then left corporate television in 2010 and founded Tedshots Productions to serve LA with quality headshots while also focusing on “shots” such as shooting short films and commercials.

Ted's Life Mission
Teddy’s purpose is to uplift and connect the world through inspirational storytelling that awakens people to be the limitless force of awesomeness that they were born as.

Enough are the days where humans are brainwashed with scare tactics and propaganda in the media. Teddy’s mission is to show the world that we are all equal and infinitely powerful.

Teddy’s various brands and startups focus on education, collaboration and inspiration towards a more trusting, transparent and truthful “us.” He believes that if we can all be on the same page, then we can write the utopian script of our destiny. This is why a portion of his income is donated to others via Project Dreambox, an organization Teddy founded to help people reach their life goals.






The Headshot Masterclass

Ten years ago, on my last week of unemployment, I had to do something, so I grabbed my camera and went to work. On my journey I figured out how to become one of the top-rated headshot photographers in Los Angeles and today I make thousands of dollars doing what I love by helping people look perfect on camera.

Now I want to teach you how to make a six figure income by creating your own headshot company.

I’ve designed a 15-chapter masterclass video series. These lessons cover everything you need to know to run a headshot photography company from start to finish. This includes how to book clients, facial expressions, body positions, wardrobe, makeup, camera settings, lighting, touchups, contracts, licenses, and beyond.

EMAIL TED and ask to join Tedshots Academy Today.