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With 20+ years experience in media production, “Teddy” is a director, producer, cinematographer, photographer and editor who tells genuine and inspirational stories that heighten human connection by carefully designing and capturing on-screen moments, while pushing the limits of creative cinema and technology.

Teddy has hands on experience working with FOX, NBC & HBO TV shows, Hollywood motion pictures, Broadway theater, motion graphic animations, branded commercials, web video marketing, interactive marketing campaigns, crowdfunding campaigns, web development, mobile app development, and marketing data analytics.

With a deep understanding of storytelling best-practices, Teddy knows what it means to create art that is authentic, thought provoking and innovative enough to engage mass audiences.

Teddy is proud to serve clients all over the world, from large corporations to grassroots non-profits. His clients include Salesforce.com, Toyota, Verizon, Google, Interscope Records, Coachella, The Do Lab, Pantheon.io, Wrap.co, Advance.org, Harvard University, Kaiser Permanente, and many more.

Growing up Behind a Camera
Ted Saunders, or “Teddy” as most people call him, started making films at age 7, shooting action movies in the backyard after school.

In high school Teddy was winning awards for the content he produced for the local TV station: NewtonTV. In college at Boston University Teddy continued to exercise his cinematographic eye with a 4.0 GPA in all media related classes.

After college Teddy moved to LA where he worked for two-time Emmy award winning actor Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold on Entourage), then as the executive assistant to Emmy award winning director and producer Greg Yaitanes on House MD (the #1 drama on TV at the time), where he was promoted to New Media Producer after designing and launching a behind the scenes iPhone app for the show.

In 2009 Teddy left the corporate TV world and founded Tedshots to serve LA with quality headshots while also focusing on all other types of “shots” such as short films.

Ted's Life Mission
Teddy’s purpose is to uplift and connect the world through inspirational storytelling that awakens people to be the limitless force of awesomeness that they were born as.

Enough are the days where humans are brainwashed with negative scare tactics and propaganda in the media. Teddy’s mission is to show the world that we are all equal and infinitely powerful.

Teddy’s various brands and startups focus on education, collaboration and inspiration towards a more trusting, transparent and truthful “us.” He believes that if we can all be on the same page, then we can write the utopian script of our destiny. This is why 5% percent of his income is donated to others via The Dream Makers Network, an organization Teddy founded to help people reach their life goals.


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